WB Help Project
First screenshots of real working with it ;-)

see also the new, quickly hacked Update News page...

A very, very short summary 'How to Use'

The Command Bar

From the first line (group) you add topics, edit and append titles, keywords and so on.

The second line is to manage the project. the first "book"-like icon opens the project dialog. You can check your topic and compile your HLP file.

The last group is for managing the links within your help project. Without a marked text you will be able to add "Master Topics". With a selection you will be asked to link the marked text with an topic of your project. The dropdown list is to reformat your links as easy as possible yet (double line, single line, hidden and clear).

Topic Checking Function (frmTopicRecord)

This function I'm using to check a topic into project management database after completing some entries if they're still emtpy. Mandatory fields are the "topic" and the "title".

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Project management (frmHlpProject)

The first register is to setup your system environment only. Should be used only once, after installing the WB Help Project.

The second and third registers are the heart of the project. From here you manage existing project an define new ones.

"Projects" - Here you manage Your projects

"Docs" - Here you manage Your RTF documents

Pls. remember, this WB Help Project is still in development, reviewing and putting together of a lot of standalone macros and the translation from german to english. On the other hand I'm working daily with this program and there is less time to make it work on eyery unexpected user condition (this means there are only a very few basic error handlers yet - sorry, but I know how to use it without producing errors and it'sworking fine if you love it - really)

Yours Hans-J.