Update News of the WBHelpProject

Version 0.2 Build 984; released 2001-12-03

New: "Content Page" at dialog "Help Project"

This tab is for monitoring and editing topics, titles and keywords.

Currently only the administration of 'Mastertopic' has been finished.

How do I manage Mastertopics?
Select from the dropdownlist the catagory mastertopics. I define mastertopics typically as "master jumps", i. esp. "see also" topics, links to external tutorials. The mastertopics are placed at the end of a topic page as "see also" links.

Select a mastertopic and you'll see on the right site how often it is used in your currently loaded RTF file. By clicking on the "edit" button you can modify it's entry in the database. In the very next future a search-replace for your RTF doc's will follow (open task# 2001120301).

To add a new Mastertopic, just press the button "Add" and fill out the fields. If you're finished, click the "Save" button.

To search for a mastertopic in your currently loaded RFT document, select anyone and click on the button "Search".


Updated: Dialog "Titles ($)"

This dialog has been recoded and got a new feature:
If you place the cursor anywhere within the topic page but not on the title line, you'll get a title list not for editing but for jumping to the page of the the selected item.

All other dialogs/forms: a lot of hacking and fixing bugs ;-) Hans J Haase, 2001-12-03